Have you ever had to stand in line in the pouring rain waiting for your turn at the parking meter?

Well, have no fear, a new mobile app allows you to pay for parking right from your phone. Okay, so it is only available in a select few areas… but if it is up to Passport Parking that will all change soon.

For now, the Passport Parking app allows Portland users to pay for parking while visiting the Washington Park attractions.

What is Washington Park you ask? Some of the fabulous attractions (that you are sure to recognize) include:
-Oregon Zoo
-Portland Children’s Museum
-Hoyt Arboretum
-International Rose Gardens

How Passport Parking works:
When you arrive at your destination, you enter the zone number (listed on parking signage) into the app and within a few easy steps you are ready to go explore. No paper parking pass to display. No waiting in the rain. And possibly the best features… you can add time remotely and receive notifications when your time is about to expire.

Passport Parking App

The app is available to Android and iPhone users for free.
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