“Rover owners in the Portland Metro area have historically only had two non-dealer shops to choose from. The dealer is too costly and after the change of ownership at the best non-dealer there hasn’t really been a good option available. I’ve been to almost every Land Rover shop in the area and haven’t been wow’d.

My wife has been hounding me to take my Disco into King’s Cross since her Disco’s repair there a few months ago; as a ‘car guy’ I’ve been hesitant. While I can rebuild my Jimmy from the ground up I don’t have the skill set to do more than minor repairs on my rover, and finding a new, trustworthy shop to service my Disco has been frustrating.

I should have just listened to my wife.

Mike is exceptionally knowledgeable, friendly and was kind enough to run me to my office when I dropped off my truck for a heater service. Quick too: my truck was ready for pick-up only a few hours later. Mike truly understands the difference between a quick buck repair and building a customer relationship.
From today forward neither of our rovers are going anywhere else for repairs or service.
Those that know me know that I don’t endorse or put my name behind anything lightly, and I fully endorse Kings Cross. If you have a Land Rover [or Jaguar] you won’t find a better shop or customer service.”